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The Astrophysics Data System (ADS) shows a more complete list of publications related to eROSITA:


Kurpas, J., et al., Thermally emitting isolated neutron star candidates from the SRG/eROSITA All-Sky Survey, A&A, in press (2024).

Liu, A., et al., The SRG/eROSITA All-Sky Survey: Exploring halo assembly bias with X-ray selected superclusters, A&A accepted.

Marini, I., et al., Detecting Galaxy Groups and AGNs populating the local Universe in the eROSITA era, A&A submitted

Veronica, A., et al., The SRG/eROSITA All-Sky Survey: Large-scale view of the Centaurus cluster, A&A submitted.

Kyritsis, E., et al., The first all-sky survey of star-forming galaxies with eROSITA: Scaling relations and a population of X-ray luminous starbursts, A&A submitted.

Liu, T., et al., Morphological Evidence for the eROSITA Bubbles Being Giant and Distant Structures, ApJL accepted.

Ok, S., et al., Discovery of the magnetic cataclysmic variable XMM J152737.4-205305.9 with a deep eclipse-like feature, A&A accepted.

Igo, Z., et al., The LOFAR-eFEDS survey: The incidence of radio and X-ray AGN and the disk-jet connection, A&A accepted.

Arcodia, R., et al., Cosmic hide and seek: the volumetric rate of X-ray quasi-periodic eruptions, A&A, 684L, 14 (2024).

Iwasawa, K., et al., Steep-spectrum AGN in eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS): Their host galaxies and multi-wavelength properties, A&A, 684A, 153 (2024).

Pasham, D. R., et al., A Case for a Binary Black Hole System Revealed via Quasi-Periodic Outflows, Science Advances, 10, 13 (2024).

Li, J., et al., The eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS): Host-galaxy Demographics of X-ray AGNs with Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam, MNRAS, 527, 4690 (2024).

Popesso, P., et al., The X-ray invisible Universe. A look into the haloes undetected by eROSITA, MNRAS, 527, 895 (2024).

Markowitz, A., et al., eROSITA detection of a cloud obscuration event in the Seyfert AGN EC 04570-5206, A&A, 684A, 101 (2024).

Arévalo, P., et al., A Newborn AGN in a Starforming Galaxy, A&A, 683L, 8 (2024).

Khokhriakova, A., et al., Searching for X-Ray Counterparts of Degree Wide TeV Halos Around Middle-Aged Pulsars with SRG/eROSITA, A&A, 683A, 180 (2024).

Publications related to Data Release 1 of eROSITA:

Sasaki, M., et al., eROSITA studies of the Carina Nebula , A&A, 682A, 172 (2024).

Masterson, M., et al., A New Population of Mid-infrared-selected Tidal Disruption Events: Implications for Tidal Disruption Event Rates and Host Galaxy Properties, ApJ, 961, 211 (2024).

Mittag, M., et al., Stellar activity and differential rotation of HD 111395, A&A,682A, 86 (2024).

Krippendorf, S., et al., The eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS): A Machine Learning Approach to Infer Galaxy Cluster Masses from eROSITA X-ray Images, A&A,682A, 132 (2024).

Locatelli, N., et al., The warm-hot circumgalactic medium of the Milky Way as seen by eROSITA, A&A, 681A, 78 (2024).

Zheng, X., et al., Broadband maps of eROSITA and their comparison with the ROSAT survey, A&A, 681A, 77 (2024).

Veronica, A., et al., The eROSITA view of the Abell 3391/95 field: Cluster Outskirts and Filaments , A&A, 681A, 108 (2024).

Arcodia, R., et al., O Corona, where art thou? eROSITA's view of UV-optical-IR variability-selected massive black holes in low-mass galaxies, A&A, 681A, 97 (2024).


Saha, T., et al., Multiwavelength study of extreme variability in LEDA 1154204: A changing-look event in a type 1.9 Seyfert, A&A submitted.

Koribalski, B. S., et al., MeerKAT discovery of a double radio relic and odd radio circle, MNRAS submitted.

Waddell, S. G. H., et al., The eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth Survey (eFEDS): Complex absorption and soft excesses in hard X-ray--selected active galactic nuclei, A&A accepted.

Camilloni, F., et al., G189.6+03.3: the first complete X-ray view provided by SRG/eROSITA, , A&A, 680A, 83C (2023).

Filipovic, M. D., et al., EMU Detection of a Large and Low Surface Brightness Galactic SNR G288.8-6.3, AJ, 166, 149 (2023).

Musiimenta, B., et al., A new discovery space opened by eROSITA: Ionised AGN outflows from X-ray selected samples , A&A, 679, A84 (2023).

Boeckmann, K., et al., Central radio galaxies in galaxy clusters: joint surveys by eROSITA and ASKAP , A&A, 677A, 188 (2023).

Pelisoli, I., et al., A 5.3-min-period pulsing white dwarf in a binary detected from radio to X-rays, Nature Astronomy, 7, 931 (2023).

Naze, Y., et al., SRG/eROSITA survey of Be stars, MNRAS, 525, 418 (2023).

Mayer, M. G. F., et al., A detailed look at the thermal and non-thermal X-ray emission from the Vela supernova remnant with SRG/eROSITA , A&A, 676A, 68 (2023).

Edler, H. W., et al., ViCTORIA: The LOFAR HBA Virgo Cluster Survey, A&A, 676A, 24.

ZuHone, J., et al., Effects of multiphase gas and projection on X-ray observables in dimulated galaxy clusters as seen by eROSITA, A&A, 675, A150 (2023).

López-Navas, E., et al., Improving the selection of changing-look AGNs through multiwavelength photometric variability, MNRAS, 524, 188 (2023).

Hoang, D. N., et al. A search for inter-cluster filaments with LOFAR and eROSITA , MNRAS, 523, 6320 (2023).

Caramazza, M., et al., Complete X-ray census of M dwarfs in the solar Neighborhood I. GJ 745AB: Coronal-hole Stars in the 10 pc Sample , A&A, 676A, 14 (2023).

Muñoz-Giraldo, D., et al., New X-ray detections of magnetic period-bounce cataclysmic variables from XMM-Newton and SRG/eROSITA , A&A, 676A, 6 (2023).

Yeung, M. C. H., et al., SRG/eROSITA X-ray shadowing study of giant molecular clouds , A&A, 676A, 3 (2023).

Schwope, A., et al., X-ray properties of the white dwarf pulsar eRASSU J191213.9−441044, A&A, 674, L9 (2023).

Kammoun, E. S., et al., The first X-ray look at SMSS J114447.77-430859.3: the most luminous quasar in the last 9 Gyr , MNRAS, 522, 521 (2023).

Rana, et al., The eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS) -- Splashback radius of X-ray galaxy clusters using galaxies from HSC survey, MNRAS, 522, 4181 (2023).

Ponti, G., et al., Abundance and temperature of the outer hot circum-Galactic medium: The SRG/eROSITA view of the soft X-ray background in the eFEDS field, A&A, 674A, 195 (2023).

Kurpas, J., et al., Discovery of two promising isolated neutron star candidates in the SRG/eROSITA All-Sky Survey, A&A, 674A, 155 (2023).

Comparat, J., et al., The cosmic web of X-ray active galactic nuclei seen through the eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth Survey (eFEDS), A&A, 673A, 122 (2023).

Camilloni, F., et al, SRG/eROSITA and XMM-Newton observations of Vela Jr, A&A, 673A, 45 (2023).

Tubín-Arenas, D., et al., Discovery of the lensed quasar eRASS1 J050129.5-073309 with SRG/eROSITA and Gaia, A&A, 672, L9 (2023).

Ok, S., et al., Serendipitous discovery of the magnetic cataclysmic variable SRGE J075818-612027, A&A, 672A, 188 (2023).

Ichikawa, K., et al. eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS): eFEDS X-ray view of WERGS Radio Galaxies selected by the Subaru/HSC and VLA/FIRST survey, A&A, 672A, 171 (2023).

Homan, D., et al., Discovery of the luminous X-ray ignition eRASSt J234402.9−352640; I. Tidal disruption event or a rapid increase in accretion in an active galactic nucleus?, A&A, 672A, 167 (2023).

Greiner, J., et al., A helium-burning white dwarf binary as a supersoft X-ray source, Nature, 615, 605 (2023).

Haberl, F., et al., SRG/eROSITA-triggered XMM-Newton observations of three Be/X-ray binaries in the LMC: Discovery of X-ray pulsations , A&A, 671A, 90 (2023).

Seppi, R., et al., Offset between X-ray and optical centers in clusters of galaxies: connecting eROSITA data and simulations, A&A, 671, A57 (2023).

Ponti, G., et al., Characterizing the patchy appearance of the circumgalactic medium and the influence of foreground absorption, A&A, 670, A99 (2023).

Malyali, A., et al., eRASSt J074426.3+291606: prompt accretion disc formation in a 'faint and slow' tidal disruption event, MNRAS, 520, 4209 (2023).

Malyali, A., et al., The rebrightening of a ROSAT-selected tidal disruption event: repeated weak partial disruption flares from a quiescent galaxy?, MNRAS, 520, 3549 (2023).

Liu, A., et al., X-ray analysis of JWST's first galaxy cluster lens SMACS J0723.3-7327, A&A, 670, A96 (2023).

Scheck, D., et al., Hydrostatic mass profiles of galaxy clusters in the eROSITA survey , A&A, 670, A33 (2023).

Kurpas, J., et al., X-ray dim isolated neutron star candidates from the eROSITA All-Sky Survey, Proceedings of IAU Symposium, 363, 345 (2023)

Pires, A., et al., Deep eROSITA observations of the magnificent seven isolated neutron stars, Proceedings of IAU Symposium, 363, 288 (2023).

Wevers, T., et al., The rebrightening of AT2018fyk as a repeating partial tidal disruption event, ApJ, 942, L33 (2023).

Wolf, J., et al., X-ray emission from a rapidly accreting narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy at z = 6.56 , A&A, 669, A127 (2023).

Ota, N., et al., The eROSITA Final Equatorial Survey (eFEDS): X-ray properties of Subaru optically-selected clusters, A&A, 669, A110 (2023).

Liu, Z., et al., Deciphering the extreme X-ray variability of the nuclear transient eRASSt J045650.3−203750. A likely repeating partial tidal disruption event, A&A, 669, A75 (2023).

Haberl, F., et al., eRASSt J040515.6-745202, an X-ray burster in the Magellanic Bridge, A&A, 669, A66 (2023).

Grünwald, G., et al., The first look at Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies with eROSITA, A&A, 669, A37 (2023).

Maitra, C., et al., Broadband study and the discovery of pulsations from the Be/X-ray binary eRASSU J052914.9−662446 in the Large Magellanic Cloud, , A&A, 669, A30 (2023).


Freund, S., et al., The stellar content of the ROSAT all-sky survey, A&A, 664, A105 (2022).

Maitra, C., et al., Discovery of four super-soft X-ray sources in XMM-Newton observations of the Large Magellanic Cloud, A&A, 657, A26 (2022).

Comparat, J., et al., The eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth Survey (eFEDS): X-ray emission around star-forming and quiescent galaxies at 0.05<z<0.3 , A&A, 666A, 156 (2022).

Velovic, V., et al., Collimation of the kiloparsec-scale radio jets in NGC 2663, MNRAS, 516, 1865 (2022).

Magaudda, E., et al., First eROSITA-TESS results for M dwarfs: Mass dependence of the X-ray activity rotation relation and an assessment of sensitivity limits, Astron. Nachr., 343, easna.20220049 (2022).

Pires, A., et al., XMM-Newton and SRG/eROSITA observations of the isolated neutron star candidate 4XMM J022141.5-735632, A&A 666, A148 (2022).

Seppi, R., et al., Detecting clusters of galaxies and active galactic nuclei in an eROSITA all-sky survey digital twin, A&A, 665, A78 (2022).

Freyberg, M., et al. SRG/eROSITA micrometeoroid hits and effects, SPIE, 1218155 (2022).

Pommranz, C. M., et al. Simulation studies of the eROSITA particle-induced background using a highly detailed mass model, SPIE, 1218154 (2022).

Coutinho, D., et al. SRG/eROSITA status and operations during the first four all-sky surveys, SPIE, 121811A (2022).

Liu, T., et al., The eROSITA extragalactic CalPV serendipitous catalog, A&A, 664, A126 (2022).

Cotton, W. D., et al., The Curious Case of the "Heartworm" Nebula, ApJ, 934, 78 (2022).

Koenig, O., et al., X-ray detection of a nova in the fireball phase, Nature, 605, 248 (2022).

Bernadich, M. C. i., et al., An expanded ultraluminous X-ray source catalogue, A&A, 659A, 188 (2022).

Astronomy & Astrophysics Special Issue: The Early Data Release of eROSITA and Mikhail Pavlinsky ART-XC on the SRG mission


Arcodia, R., et al., X-ray quasi-periodic eruptions from two previously quiescent galaxies, Nature, 592, 704 (2021).

Liu, T., Massive black holes flaring up time and again, Nature Astronomy, 5, 438 (2021).

Shakura, N. I., et al., Observations of Her X–1 in low states during SRG/eROSITA all–sky survey, A&A, 648, 39 (2021).

Becker, W et. at., Hoinga: a supernova remnant discovered in the SRG/eROSITA All–Sky Survey eRASS1, A&A, 648, 30 (2021).

Toba, Y., et al., The eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS): An X–ray bright, extremely luminous infrared galaxy at z = 1.87, A&A, 649, 11 (2021).

Meidinger, N., et al., eROSITA camera array on the SRG satellite, JATIS, 7, id. 025004 (2021).

Campana, S., et al., First science highlights from SRG/eROSITA, A&A, 647, 1 (2021).

Malyali, A., et al., AT 2019avd: a novel addition to the diverse population of nuclear transients, A&A, 647, 9 (2021).

Brüggen, M., et al., Radio observations of the merging galaxy cluster system Abell 3391–Abell 3395, A&A, 647, 3 (2021).

Maitra, C., et al., Fast flaring observed from XMMU J053108.3-690923 by eROSITA: a supergiant fast X-ray transient in the Large Magellanic Cloud, A&A, 647, 8 (2021).

Lamer, G., et al., A giant X-ray dust scattering ring discovered with SRG/eROSITA around the black hole transient MAXI J1348–630, A&A, 647, 7 (2021).

Boller, T., et al., Extreme ultra-soft X-ray variability in an eROSITA observation of the narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy 1H 0707-495, A&A, 647, 6 (2021).

Wolf, J., et al., First constraints on the AGN X-ray luminosity function at z 6 from an eROSITA- detected quasar, A&A, 647, 5 (2021).

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Predehl, P., et al., The eROSITA X-ray telescope on SRG, A&A, 647, 1 (2021).


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Telegrams and Circulars

Arne Rau, EP J115415.8-501810: eROSITA constraints on onset of X-ray-bright phase. ATel #16553.

Chandreyee Maitra, eROSITA discovery of a new BeXRB pulsar eRASSU J012422.9-724248 near the SMC wing. ATel #15887.

Zhu Liu, SRG/eROSITA detection of the tidal disruption event AT2022dsb. ATel #15259.

Zhu Liu, SGR/eROSITA non-detection of the tidal disruption event AT2021yte. ATel #15164.

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