Future eROSITA data releases

The scientific exploitation of the eROSITA All-Sky Survey (eRASS) data is shared equally between a German and a Russian consortium. Two hemispheres of the sky have been defined, over which each team has unique scientific data exploitation rights, while all-sky data are available to both teams for purposes of technical and calibration analysis, pipeline validation, and so on. This simple scheme guarantees a fair share of both Galactic and extragalactic areas.

Data rights are split by Galactic longitude (l) and latitude (b), with a division marked by the great circle passing through the Galactic poles (l,b)=(0,+90);(0,-90) and the Galactic Center SgrA* (l,b)=(359.94423568,-0.04616002): data with -0.05576432< l <179.94423568 degrees (Eastern Galactic hemisphere) belong to the Russian consortium, while data with 359.94423568 > l >179.94423568 degrees (Western Galactic hemisphere) belong to the German eROSITA consortium (eROSITA-DE).

eROSITA is expected to perform 8 independent all-sky surveys. Then, eROSITA-DE plans to release the German eRASS data with the following timeline:

Individual surveys are denoted eRASSx (with x=1,..,8), while cumulative (or summed) survey data obtained by combining the events of consecutive surveys are called eRASS:x.

For further information check Merloni et al. 2012 and Predehl et al. 2021