eSASS task descriptions

All the eROSITA Science Analysis Software System (eSASS) tasks work on the command-line. Each task can be run using a set of parameters, which are specified on the command-line. To access the list of parameters that a given eSASS task accepts, the plist command can be called followed by the name of the task. Just as the tasks in other X-ray data analysis software, most parameters in the tasks have default values, some parameters are capable of handling complex expressions, and some parameters have child parameters, i.e. parameters that are activated depending on the value of the parent parameter.

In the following, a list of the eSASS users' release task can be found, together with a short description of each. To access the detailed information about each task click on the respective task name.

Preparatory tasks

Event manipulation

Map creation

Source detection and characterisation

Source catalogue creation

Source specific products